These are some of the images. Many more to order for proofs. Can cover any event, under any conditions. Can shoot LIVE Digital for internet uploading every hour on field or FTP. Archives are +40 Mb. Print-outs up to (48 inches x any lenght) on photgraphic paper. Display images vary in quality due to JEPG compression.
Outdoor assignments - come in as second nature, when you participate in the event, (first is photography of course). Beeing an avid Off-Roader has given me the opportunity to graphicaly show what its all about. When you ran, rather than get ran over, by a bumper decal that says- "Its a jeep thing, you would`nt understand", we are talking Jeep culture. Its men conquering distances with no previous trail,... and even sometimes directions on mind. Just buckle up and step on it -always with the tread lightly policy on mind-. Everyday more SUV´s find their way out of the market parking lot into the wilderness, please respect the local authorities and communities, in order to mantain our unpaved roads open. Remember its All in 4Lo, for our own safety and rigs integrity, besides that way its easier for us photographers to get close into the action. And next time you see a skyhigh rig, have a little of respect to us... its difficult driveing with mirrors and people hunking on our backs. More in my 4x4 web page- - My Jeep is the red CJ-7 with the giant Snauzer on the back.
to Live-Coverage 24 Hrs. Uploading to the web world wide events