These are some of the images. Many more to order for proofs. Can cover any event, under any conditions. Can shoot LIVE Digital for internet uploading every hour on field or FTP. Archives are +40 Mb. Print-outs up to (48 inches x any lenght) on photgraphic paper.
STORY -TheCART FedEx Championship last 2002 round held in México City. While shooting for the Dallas Daily News, I had to follow every team exhaustevly. Figure out my editor wanted to run a story on the winning team. Had to have a whole series of different, angles, themes and climatic conditions shots, regarding each team in the three day event. Here are some of the images of the Target Team were Kenny Breck camed out champion. Some other from the Mexican pilots thunderbolts and the starting crash. Have plenty of images on ALL the teams/sponsorship-brands. Just ask?
Shooting Events F1 - CART - Nascar - Adreniline pumping in my vains while I hear the motors far away approaching to my dug-out. My eye is dead on the viewfinder and my grip on the camera body is sweaty at 60°, but firm. All of these while trying to destinguish the distinctive noise. Will it be the Honda, Toyota or Ford powerplant. All of these had been previously burned into my auditive memory when I went throughout the teams spects. My assignment was to get plenty of images from all the teams. Now according to the noise I guessed which teams to expect popping up on my lens. No time to scout... had to concentrate on the finder. Long lens to fully paste the dinamo on my frame. Big banners were to be made for publicity, therefore a full covered frame was expected from me. No depth of field to fool around, due to the fast F Stop, full frame requirement and long lens needed to freeze up the lighting 12 cil. The meteorites passed by me at 200 mph. No time for second thoughts, had to dominate the camera naturaly, purely as an extension of me. All of these and the other 25 shooters from international media agencies fighting for a working spot, along with the race track CART judges didnt ease up my task.
-Working Gear- two bodies, monopods, long fast lenses, intuitive reflexes, hat and lots of planning.