These are some of the images. Many more to order for proofs. Can cover any event, under any conditions. Can shoot LIVE Digital for internet uploading every hour on field or FTP. Archives are +40 Mb. Print-outs up to (48 inches x any lenght) on photgraphic paper. Display images vary in quality due to JEPG compression.

Indoor and outdoor events can be fully covered and uploaded to the web LIVE, for the media to download. Hi-Res JPEG archives will be available for the media, fullfiling their publications deadline. Some media reps dont have the graphic material they want... know its possible to focus on the story theme and plot... leaving the graphic compound to an appointed professional photographer.

Special shots in accordance to each publications theme and style can be accomplish,... just contact us on advance to the event.

The events Hi-Res graphic material site available for download will be posted in the press office or thru the press coordinator.

35mm, medium and big format, panoramic, digital and 3D formats are available, check with the events press office.

For this 10 year Discovery Communications anniversary a 50x170 inch REAL-TRUE photographic banner collage was programmed, designed and produced by HMPhoto for the Washington headquarters. The Discovery Eco-Challenge banner portrayed the different adventures and hazards the teams suffer in this endurance competition,... probably the most difficult competition in the world. The Eco-Challenge competitions are designed to expose the competitors to their limits, both physical and psychological. Teams will most likely experience a "warm" welcoming by the hosting continent, when they are subject to an activity representative to the countries geography and locals. These can be ridding camels in Africa, paddling sea kayaks in Australia, conquering one of the highest peaks in South America or traversing ice beds and crevasses in North America. Discovery Eco-Challenge 10 year aniversary collage & exhibit.

  copyright exclusive written permision needed
to Live-Coverage 24 Hrs. Uploading to the web world wide events