These are some of the images. Many more to order for proofs. Can cover any event, under any conditions. Can shoot LIVE Digital for internet uploading every hour on field or FTP. Archives are +40 Mb. Print-outs up to (48 inches x any lenght) on photgraphic paper.
STORY -The BFGoodrich Baja 1000 35th edition took place, as every year, in sunny Baja. These time the space tech rigs sorted in 24 Pro and 5 Sportman classes wrapped up the year in a cross peninsula, more likely a -cross bush roots thorn cactus- inferno Ensenada-La Paz. Class winners are determined along with the overall race winner in Pro Cars/Truks and Pro Motorcycle. After 18 hours of driving the first legendary pioneers came into La Paz. Through three days, the 243 total entries from 30 U.S. states and 10 countries come into the finish line at La Paz.... a 1017.56 mile quest. Pro Cars, Trucks, Pro Motorcycles, Motorcycles & ATVs have a time limit 40 hours to complete the ordeal. Along the trail, the explorers are given tokens in every check point race pit, to ensure the proper followship of the designated course. The layout and maps are given out on the last minute.... so all rigs in their given classes stand a fair chance. With no characteristic geological accidents...(a plain, flat peninsula.... no high peaks like in other races), the navigators had no reference points to find an easy way out. The entry budget to race on a self sustained motorcycle is roughtly 8000 dlls all the way up to the 300,000 dlls range. Who can not notice Ed & Tim Herbst V8 powered, 750 horsepower Beast and its tailing chopper.

Shooting Events Off Road-SCORE-Jeep Events - Wham... ouch... missed it. Had smacked myself on the back of my neck and the buzzing persist all around me. Just hope the flying multi-leged, furry black, key-chain size intruders dont get to friendly with me. Waiting for 4 hours now, posted out on the black night for a vehicle of any kind. Remainds me of the 5 consecutive Eco-Challenge endurance competitions I have covered for Discovery Channel. Only these time Iam waiting on the rigs and not following a 4 brotherhood team thru mountains, valleys, ice carveses, caves, oceans, camel rideing, jumbaring wasterfalls, etc..on their 300 mile penitence. Something is sure.... (1)- these time I can get runned over. And (2)- like in the Sahara and Australia, Iam exposed to extreme climates. Fainting hot in the day and freezing cold at night. Also share the loving local fauna too, so that I dont get lonely. Have to be respectful with the semi dormed diamon head snakes, any number of crawling thingies to my boots and all the imaginable flying biters and stingers you can think of. The aborigines tought me well to stump my feet when walking to scare away snakes.... wonder who is more frightened. Have to be on a watch out cause its pitch black on the desert and the monster size rigs fly over men size cactuses and bushes with no compasion. Their 36 inch rubbers are fierceless cheered up by the roaring 750 hp. All soaked up in moskito repellent I dont care for my gear slipping on my fingers.... just practicing to manualy fast focus on my lens. Have to menage to properly flash expose, no burn-outs, in a milisec with no focusing reference on my viewfinder.... in pitch black. The sky is beautiful, countless stars... just wished the blasting 4x4 will call the day and pose for me on a bulb long exposure for a fine art calendar promo.

-Working Gear- tree bodies, monopod, tripod, all sort of lenses, tall booths, proper cloths and camping gear, raincoat, flash light, survival kit and lots of patience.